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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Foggy Day

The Journey, 12 x 8 print

In the Fog
by Giovanni Pascoli

I stared into the valley: it was gone—
wholly submerged! A vast flat sea remained,
gray, with no waves, no beaches; all was one.

And here and there I noticed, when I strained,
the alien clamoring of small, wild voices:
birds that had lost their way in that vain land.

And high above, the skeletons of beeches,
as if suspended, and the reveries
of ruins and of the hermit’s hidden reaches.

And a dog yelped and yelped, as if in fear,
I knew not where nor why. Perhaps he heard
strange footsteps, neither far away nor near—

echoing footsteps, neither slow nor quick,
alternating, eternal. Down I stared,
but I saw nothing, no one, looking back.

The reveries of ruins asked: “Will no
one come?” The skeletons of trees inquired:
“And who are you, forever on the go?”

I may have seen a shadow then, an errant
shadow, bearing a bundle on its head.
I saw—and no more saw, in the same instant.

All I could hear were the uneasy screeches
of the lost birds, the yelping of the stray,
and, on that sea that lacked both waves and beaches,

the footsteps, neither near nor far away.

The view from my office window this morning was of the remaining marine layer of fog over downtown San Jose. It seems like it should be fall or even bordering winter here - certainly not what you'd expect for the middle of August. We've had a very unusual summer if you could even call it that - we've had very few days of real California summer weather (which is fine with me, as anyone can tell you, I hate the heat and burn in the sun).

We are apparently due for a minor heat wave toward the end of this week. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful offerings from our friends at Etsy inspired by the beauty of fog:

Potion Bottle: Swamp Fog
by NchantedForests

Roses in a fog
by 0juracoquet

Ink And Snow-Fine Art Photo Locket Necklace-Grande Edition

by heartworksbylori

The Fog - 8x12 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

by OreadImages

Lost - 20 x 30 print

by LabyrinthineNature

Balmoral Fog Silky Sock Yarn

by TheKnittedLoop

Moonstone Hoop Earrings

And of course, I would be remiss if I bypassed the opportunity to illustrate fog's beauty on our most beloved (and fog-soaked) of landmarks:

Golden Gate in the Fog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coming Up Roses

Happy New Year!
Well, it really has been a while, hasn't it? Time marches on, three year olds give up taking naps, life gets a little hectic and nuts, and blogs fall by the wayside. My apologies to all the wonderful Etsy sellers that I could have been featuring in the meanwhile since our last posting in November.
The new year has brought many new exciting opportunities, including a number of performing gigs, which have rejuvenated me beyond anything I can meaningfully express. I have the great fortune of being able to share the stage with my dear friend Ric Iverson, after a 10 year span of not performing together, in Symphony Silicon Valley's upcoming musical-in-concert, The Most Happy Fella taking place in mid March.
But possibly the most exciting opportunity yet has come in the offer to play Rose in Gypsy, which will go into production in May of this year. I am so blessed to be able to follow in the (very large) footsteps of my beloved Broadway diva idols in taking on this powerhouse role, and I look forward to every minute. For more information about this production of Gypsy, please visit www.hillbarntheatre.org
So to celebrate a re-emergence from the winter of my hiatus from the stage, I have found these exquisite items from our friends at Etsy, using the search terms "roses red rose". Enjoy!
Bordeaux Carved Lucite Rose and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Smell the Roses Cashmere Extra Long Flounce Scarf

Red Chiffon Flower Handbag
by mojospastyle

Adeline-Black French Style Pure Wool Beret with Hand Felted Rose Brooch
by Crafts2Cherish

Womens XS Silk Blend Sweater (Upcycled Bolero) - Spanish Rose
by enchantedcreations2u

Red Gingham Rose Bouquet (six)

by gwyllion

Monday, November 30, 2009

Let It Snow!

Winter Rabbit, by LycheeKiss

Ahhhhh Christmas!!!

This is my favorite time of year. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, our little house goes through its glorious transformation into Christmastown. My husband takes great pride in the exterior lights and yard display - the largest and most elaborate in the neighborhood. By the time he's done setting everything up, the effect is magical... and blinding.

The inside of our house gets a holiday makeover as well, and my favorite room to decorate is the bathroom. Our blue and white bathroom is bedecked in snowflakes and white garland with a Rudolph snow scene display in the plant window, and candles in mercury glass votives. The crystal snowflake nightlight casts an etherial blue glow, and the whole room smells of mint and vanilla.

I am all about the snowflake - here are some exquisite "snow" themed items from our friends at Etsy - enjoy!!

Snowmen Christmas Card Set 3x5, by gigiphillips

Winter Chapel, by JeanKnee

Groovy Christmas Kitty, by LowellandSon

Silver Gift Tags, by JeanKnee

Ivory Cream Christmas Stocking, by rikrak

Snow and Chartreuse Glitter Felted Acorns, by truLuxe

Snowgirl Mini Handmade Wooden Ornament, by thepoppytree

Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess Annie

Rosalyn Headband

This year, I'm turning 42. There is nothing sexy or fun about 42. So I've decided to invite a handful of my closest girlfriends over for a princess party girls weekend, with dinner, pink cocktails and cupcakes, chick flicks and a sleepover followed by pedicures after breakfast. After all, why should the kids get all the fun, right?

When I was a little girl, my birthday wish was always to be a princess. This year, I'm finally going to be one. These sellers on Etsy must have heard my wishes from so long ago. Enjoy these items that will make you feel princessy, girly, and pink all over!

It's quite the job keeping my tiara polished, vinyl wall lettering

Birthday Fairy Necklace 2
The Crown Ring
by chrisparry

A Princess' Diary
by junesnight

Hot pink rhinestone crown pendant necklace
by funkylaundry

little princess ring
by ChiliCrab

Songea Sapphire and Daisy Cascade earrings

Friday, November 6, 2009

Grendel's Dog, from Beocat

Evil Kitty Cats Soldered Glass Art Charm Pendant Necklace Reversible

Grendel's Dog, From Beocat

Brave Beocat, brood-kit of Ecgthmeow,
Hearth-pet of Hrothgar in whose high halls
He mauled without mercy many fat mice,
Night did not find napping nor snack-feasting.
The wary war-cat, whiskered paw-wielder,
Bearer of the burnished neck-belt, gold-braided collar band,
Feller of fleas fatal, too, to ticks,
The work of wonder-smiths, woven with witches' charms,
Sat upon the throne-seat his ears like sword-points
Upraised, sharp-tipped, listening for peril-sounds,
When he heard from the moor-hill howls of the hell-hound,
Gruesome hunger-grunts of Grendel's Great Dane,
Deadly doom-mutt, dread demon-dog.
Then boasted Beocat, noble battle-kitten,
Bane of barrow-bunnies, bold seeker of nest-booty:
"If hand of man unhasped the heavy hall-door
And freed me to frolic forth to fight the fang-bearing fiend,
I would lay the whelpling low with lethal claw-blows;
Fur would fly and the foe would taste death-food.
But resounding snooze-noise, stern slumber-thunder,
Nose-music of men snoring mead-hammered in the wine-hall,
Fills me with sorrow-feeling for Fate does not see fit
To send some fingered folk to lift the firm-fastened latch
That I might go grapple with the grim ghoul-pooch."
Thus spoke the mouse-shredder, hunter of hall-pests,
Short-haired Hrodent-slayer, greatest of the pussy-Geats.

-- From Poetry for Cats, by Henry Beard.
Translated by the Editor'scat.

Ninja Kitty
by simplyhibiscus

E A Poe Black Cat Horror Gothic Fantasy Art 8x10 Print
by tigerpixie

evil pink n black bad kawaii hello kitty w knife newsboy cadet punk baseball style cap hat OSFA
by JodiVonRotten

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Atomic Pink Christmas Shadow Box Wall Hanging

Oooooooookay, now you all know how much love I have for paper houses (see my blog post on paper houses), but this is RIDICULOUS. It's as if this artist took a trip through my brain one night when I was fast asleep. I have been a collector of mid-century modern Christmas decor and decorations for YEARS, and swoon over mid-century modern architecture and design. Pink? Check. Tinsel? Check. Mirabou feathers and eyelash lame? Check. RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

I want to point out several key design motifs that this artist paid homage to in this shadowbox:

Note the George Nelson atomic ball clock on the wall - a classic from this era, and originals command a hefty price on today's market. Luckily, repros are available at a much more affordable price.

Note the aluminum tree - also a classic from this era. Ornaments would be hung on glittery aluminum trees, and would be illuminated from behind by a color wheel. The overall effect was an everchanging dazzling color display - LOVELY!

Note the slant of the roofline. Houses designed in the mid-20th century had FABULOUS rooflines, often asymmetrical and often giving way to large overhangs on the front, side or back.

Note the sign on the top of the house with a nod to the atomic design motif. Starburst designs were very popular during this era, and you could find that motif used in everything from dinner plates to neon signs.

What was that? How can you get this look? Glad you asked. Here are some incredible vintage finds from our friends at Etsy. (Oh, and if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas...)

by Kleymannscloset

Vintage Japan Christmas Angel Posie Doll
by joberskitsch

Mid-Century Snowy Flocked Wreath in Original Box
by carmenandginger

Vintage Christmas ornaments - a box of 26 indents mercury glass balls for the feather tree or wreath
by pumpkintruck

Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper Christmas Paper Poodle Dog Christmas Paper
by timepassages

Large Vintage Glittered Christmas Bells
by VintagefromCrystal

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How lovely to be a Woman

The Definition of Feminine -- Simple and Sassy Blank Notecards -- Boxed Set of 8

How lovely to be a woman, the wait was well worth while;
How lovely to wear mascara and smile a woman's smile.
How lovely to have a figure, that's round instead of flat;
Whenever you hear boys whistle, you're what they're whistling at.
It's wonderful to feel
the way a woman feels;
It gives you such a glow just to know
You're wearing lipstick and heels!
How lovely to be a woman and have one job to do;
To pick out a boy and train him and then when you are through,
You've made him the man you want him to be!
Life's lovely when you're a woman like me!
How wonderful to know
The things a woman knows;
How marvelous to wait for a date
In simply beautiful clothes!
How lovely to be a woman and change from boys to men,
To go to a fancy nightclub and stay out after ten.
How lovely to be so grown-up and free!
Life's lovely when you're a woman like me!

(Except for when Aunt Flo comes to town, obviously.)

Women are powerful. Women are magnificent. Women are glorious mystical magical people. When you actually stop to think about all the things that women do in their day to day lives without blinking a perfectly coiffed eyelash at, it is truly amazing. The not-as-fair sex has nothing on us!

Celebrate your femininity - all of the items on today's blog are from members of the Etsymom Team. Want to see more? Use the search term "etsymom" on Etsy and behold the magnitude of works that these moms are doin' for themselves!

Garden Fairy Collar / Caplet
by PinkPolishDesign

12k GF Wrapped 3D Cameo Brooch with Two Ladies and a Dove
by rtanza

Ethereal - Original Watercolour Painting
by creativesque

Embrace Self - 3x4 Polaroid Image Transfer ORIGINAL in 8x10 Archival Mat OR 8x10 Enlarged PRINT
by TiffanyTeske

Beauty of Spring