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Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess Annie

Rosalyn Headband

This year, I'm turning 42. There is nothing sexy or fun about 42. So I've decided to invite a handful of my closest girlfriends over for a princess party girls weekend, with dinner, pink cocktails and cupcakes, chick flicks and a sleepover followed by pedicures after breakfast. After all, why should the kids get all the fun, right?

When I was a little girl, my birthday wish was always to be a princess. This year, I'm finally going to be one. These sellers on Etsy must have heard my wishes from so long ago. Enjoy these items that will make you feel princessy, girly, and pink all over!

It's quite the job keeping my tiara polished, vinyl wall lettering

Birthday Fairy Necklace 2
The Crown Ring
by chrisparry

A Princess' Diary
by junesnight

Hot pink rhinestone crown pendant necklace
by funkylaundry

little princess ring
by ChiliCrab

Songea Sapphire and Daisy Cascade earrings

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kate said...

What a great selection! Thanks for the feature!
~ Kate