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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Atomic Pink Christmas Shadow Box Wall Hanging

Oooooooookay, now you all know how much love I have for paper houses (see my blog post on paper houses), but this is RIDICULOUS. It's as if this artist took a trip through my brain one night when I was fast asleep. I have been a collector of mid-century modern Christmas decor and decorations for YEARS, and swoon over mid-century modern architecture and design. Pink? Check. Tinsel? Check. Mirabou feathers and eyelash lame? Check. RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

I want to point out several key design motifs that this artist paid homage to in this shadowbox:

Note the George Nelson atomic ball clock on the wall - a classic from this era, and originals command a hefty price on today's market. Luckily, repros are available at a much more affordable price.

Note the aluminum tree - also a classic from this era. Ornaments would be hung on glittery aluminum trees, and would be illuminated from behind by a color wheel. The overall effect was an everchanging dazzling color display - LOVELY!

Note the slant of the roofline. Houses designed in the mid-20th century had FABULOUS rooflines, often asymmetrical and often giving way to large overhangs on the front, side or back.

Note the sign on the top of the house with a nod to the atomic design motif. Starburst designs were very popular during this era, and you could find that motif used in everything from dinner plates to neon signs.

What was that? How can you get this look? Glad you asked. Here are some incredible vintage finds from our friends at Etsy. (Oh, and if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas...)

by Kleymannscloset

Vintage Japan Christmas Angel Posie Doll
by joberskitsch

Mid-Century Snowy Flocked Wreath in Original Box
by carmenandginger

Vintage Christmas ornaments - a box of 26 indents mercury glass balls for the feather tree or wreath
by pumpkintruck

Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper Christmas Paper Poodle Dog Christmas Paper
by timepassages

Large Vintage Glittered Christmas Bells
by VintagefromCrystal


Vintage by Crystal said...

Ooooohhh I just love your finds!! Vintage Christmas gets me so giddy...and thanks for including my bells among your picks...I'm letting some go, but not without keeping a stash for myself! :)

nazarienne said...

Giveaway contest at http://kumoripaws.blogspot.com . Win a selfmade canvas and bracelet + ring.