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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paper Houses

Gingerbread House, by thesaltboxcollection

You know what I love? Paper houses. You know, the kind like your grandparents had (well, not mine, but I can imagine) lining the mantelpiece at Christmas. These little confections were crafted of cardstock, mica snow, glitter, bottle brush trees, chenille pipecleaner santas and snowmen, and colored cellophane in the windows that would glow if you put a light behind them. I would love to have an entire village of glittery paper houses and stores and churches, all in pinks, whites, blues and greens - and then I'd sit and make believe I really lived in this frosted little wonderland.

I did a bit of surfing on Etsy to see if I could find paper houses, and was suprised to find that there aren't many listed. I did, however, find a great seller who has a number of adorable ones, including the gingerbread house above. The creator of thesaltboxcollection started off by repairing a few inherited vintage paper houses, then went on to creating a whole new village using the same time-honored techniques. The result is a charming mix of buildings that leave me wanting more and more!

Enjoy these items by thesaltboxcollection on Etsy!

Village Schoolhouse, by thesaltboxcollection

Mail Pouch Barn, by thesaltboxcollection

Pink Farm House, by thesaltboxcollection

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