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Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm so excited, because I have the honor of singing the national anthem tonight at the home opener for the San Jose Sharks! Doubly excited because they usually only call me in for games against Canadian teams (I know their anthem), and TRIPLY excited because it's my husband Mark's birthday, and he and his friends will all be there at the game!

Here are some vicious bits from our friends at Etsy using the search terms "hockey mask". Enjoy!

Halloween Hockey-mask, by nakittaa

Jason Friday the 13th Leather Keychain, by leatherprince

Hockey One Necklace, by andreacorson

Tshirt - Tokyo (men), by AkumuInk

And I think I have to get this sock yarn - dragoneyarnes makes colorways for 14 different NHL teams! (This one's the prettiest, if I do say so myself...)

San Jose Sharks Sock Yarn, by draygoneyarnes

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