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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Hostess With the Mostest!

Miss Spooky Pant Apron, by AnniesAttic

Hostessing the perfect party is an art, which I have YET to really master. Usually something or other falls through the cracks, no matter how much planning and preparing I do in advance. Paige, however, is an ARTIST when it comes to hostessing a party, leaving me wondering if she's really a 1950's hostess with the mostest reincarnate. Every detail is expertly executed, every guest feeling like an honored attendee - no drink glass is ever empty at a Paige party.

In April of this year, Paige's mom Mary Ellen turned 70, and to honor the event, Paige threw her a wonderful suprise party at her house with a "Spring Chicken" theme (Mary Ellen's birthday being so close to Easter this year). For the event, Paige and I put our skills together to whip up delightful little easter chick hostess aprons for herself, daughter Ella, and myself to wear at the party, and they turned out REALLY STINKIN' CUTE! (I will post photos of the finished apron on a later post, as I haven't had time to iron it and shoot it yet - more on that subject later).

I have been a collector of vintage hostess aprons for the past 7 or 8 years, and have a lovely little collection that I display in my kitchen at various times of the year. My favorites are the ones in my Christmas collection - my entire kitchen is done up in vintage mid-century Christmas kitsch, and it is the only time of year that my kitchen feels like a lovely place (more on THAT subject at a much later time.)

In honor of my husband's 38th birthday, I am hosting a barbecue party at my mom's house this afternoon. This is a beer and ribs party - nothing I can get frilly and hostessy with, so no apron for me today, but I am hoping I can channel the hostess goddess within to make sure that everyone has a good time.

Enjoy these lovely hostess aprons from our friends at Etsy - they make me want to run out to an estate sale!!

black and white polka dots with CHERRY APPLIQUE hostess apron, by loverdoversclothing



Sweet Candy Cane Christmas Vintage Apron, by SerendipityTreasures

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