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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Camaro RS, by bombfactory

(Nah, just kidding, but wouldn't that be AWESOME??)

Today my husband and I left our son at grandma's house to begin the daunting task of finding a new-to-you car for me, to replace the Cherokee that he rolled last weekend (remember the trip to the Tahoe National Forest? I know I do...).

It takes a LOT of work to look for a car to buy - even more when you are restricted by financing parameters. Do you shop at a dealer so that you are confident in the quality of what you're buying, or do you go with a private owner to get the better price? And even being pre-approved for a loan through our credit union, it is still a big job. We were out for four and a half hours today, and so far we haven't seen much that floats our boat. We test drove a Dodge Magnum (damn sexy car!!) and a Nissan Altima, and looked at a few others, including the Dodge Caliber, Mazda 3, and the PT Cruiser (cool on the outside, feels cheap and uncomfortable on the inside).

So home we came, sans new-to-you car, to do more homework and more surfing on Craig's list. I am hoping to have this matter settled ASAP - managing with one car is doable, but it takes a bit of work!
So, even though I'll never end up with anything NEARLY as cool as these, here are some of my pipe dream cars - enjoy!

I Win (Dodge Viper), by bombfactory

(Pontiac) GTO, by LibertyImages

And anyone who has taken the "How well do you know Annmarie?" quiz on Facebook knows that this is, and forever will be, MY CAR!!!

Racing Red (Ford Mustang), by chicalookate

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chicalookate said...

Good luck finding your car. It is a hard task. I love my Saturn Ion and as a general rule it loves me back. :) It is a pretty pretty blue which gets lots of comments and I can find it in the parking lot easily.