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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Day at the Doctor's Office

Heartbeat Tumbler, by soule

Today was "D-Day" - the day I scheduled to take Jack to the D-O-C-T-O-R. He hates the doctor. Hates. HAAAAAAAATES the doctor.

The day started early with a trip to Jack's cardiologist for a 2 year checkup on the tiny murmer that he has. He started hollering waaaaaaaay out in the parking lot, and really turned up the heat when we got inside. They stuck stickers on him and plugged wires into them to get an EKG, and then they took an ultrasound of his heart. Now mind you, none of this process hurts the kids, but the way Jack was carrying on, anyone out in the waiting room might think the doctor was biting off his fingers and toes one by one!

And if that visit weren't enough to poop him out, I threw a double whammy at him and took him to his regular pediatrician for a checkup. Again, the drama in the waiting room and the hysterical fit in the exam room. I could barely hear what the doctor had to say, but this is not a new occurrence - he has been screaming his way through doctor's appointments since he was less than a year old. He got a flu shot, and now I'm sure he hates me.

Monday is the dentist. Wish me luck!

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