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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sing out, Louise!!

Sing Out Loud Every Day print

This delightful little print is by a seller that is featured today on Etsy, and I couldn't help but to share this with you!

Jen Renninger is an artist living in Tampa, Florida, who has had a great amount of success with her illustrations in magazines and other publications, and who now is selling her beautiful works of art online through Etsy. The one above immediately spoke to me this morning, and I would like to remind all of my dear readers that regardless of what life throws at you from day to day, remember to take the time to nourish your soul (or sing out, as it would be in my case!).

Please visit Jen's shop by clicking on the picture or link above, and enjoy her other lovely works of art - I hope they inspire you, as they did for me this morning.


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