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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Owl Be Seeing You

Owl Winner 2, by nayarx8

I have mad love for birds (in the wild - not as pets, they poop everywhere). Birds are the physical manifestation of my soul - they are beautiful, they can fly, and they sing when they talk. Every summer, several pairs of tiny birds build their nests in the eaves of our front porch, and we get to hear the sweet frantic chirping of baby birds when they are demanding their breakfast.

Owls, in particular, have always been very special to me. They are very stately creatures - the royalty of the birdie kingdom. There is something very old-soul about owls, and whether the moniker "wise old owl" is accurate or not, these birds' very nature implies a certain level confidence and intelligence that we can only wonder at.

Enjoy these lovely owl items from our friends at Etsy:

Autumn Hoots lampwork owl pendant neckalce
by dkjewels

Owl and Lace Pillow, by TrackandFieldDesigns

Late night Operator, by DistrictThirty

I wonder if these guys were separated at birth... ;o)

Twit, Twoo - Owl embroidered Cushion, by angharadjefferson

Eastern Screech Owl Winking, by StevesPhotos

Baby Burrowing Owl 5 x 7 Print

And I LOVE this pillow - see the owls? Genius...

Funky Wood with Funkier Modern Owl 20x20 pillow

by Pillowphyte

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