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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Knit Wit

A few years back, my sister in law, Shannen, taught me how to knit. At first, I was miserable at it, and it was pretty frustrating to keep my stitches loose and even, even in stockinette. But with a little practice, I was soon following simple patterns, and even took on (sometimes not successfully) more challenging projects. Yarn became an obsession, and trips to my local knitting shops became for me what bookstore jaunts have always been. I could spend all day petting the various yarns in wool, cashmere, silk, soy, flax, linen, cotton, alpaca, mohair... the list is endless.

I'm still a novice compared to these sellers, but my skills are improving! Someday I might just make something for myself that actually fits (besides socks).

Victoria Coat by designbynihan

Snow Drifts Spiral Scarf by AngelAndFairyDesigns

The Wicked Autumn Hat by Sloanester

RIONA hand knitted cardigan coat by ovejanegra
and this little "bean cozy", that I just ADORE:

LiL Acorn Baby Beanie by ForStitchesSake

There are two really great yarn shops in my area that I enjoy visiting: Bobbin's Nest Studio in Santa Clara, and Yarndogs in Los Gatos. Make sure you have enough time to really enjoy your visit, and if you happen to find any cashmere on clearance, let me know...

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Bobbin's Nest Studio said...

Aw shucks! We're blushing! Thanks for the shout out!
~Erin and the chicks of Bobbin's Nest Studio