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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Driven to Abstraction

I Think We're Being Followed - GICLEE PRINT

I had an entirely different subject in mind for today's blog when I ran across this abstract painting by artist Shawna Erback. I was planning on discussing the upcoming release of New Moon and featuring fellow Twilight sellers on Etsy, but upon browsing with the search term "moon," I came across this seller's store and stopped dead in my tracks.

This painting is from Erback's Chronicles of a Journey series, "a modern allegory that takes the viewer on an emotional adventure with a girl and her pet. I paint a story of love and hope which envelopes the viewer with passion, remembrance and contemplation." (excerpt from Erback's Etsy profile).

Her paintings are exquisite, enchanting and at once heartbreakingly haunting. Even though you never see the face of the little girl in the paintings, you can feel how she views this bizarre and macabre world through bright innocent eyes. The overall effect is so uplifting - I'm going to be riding this high all day!

Erback's work reminds me of another abstract painter that I have loved and followed over the years, artist Ora Tamir. On our second Christmas together, my husband Mark gave me a large giclee painting of hers entitled "The Unexpected," that I had seen and fallen in love with at Tapestry in Talent in San Jose. I have been unable to feature it as of yet, but am planning to design our master bedroom around it.

The Unexpected - Giclee on Paper
by Ora Tamir

Perhaps I could add some of Erback's works to our bedroom plan and create our own little abstract art gallery. I'm inspired - I hope these artists can do the same for you today!

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